raycoIn 1933, Wylie Systems pioneered the first crane overload warning system in the world! Then in 1964 Wylie introduced the first safe load indicator or as it’s known today the rated capacity indicator (RCI). Rayco Electronics, the parent company to Wylie Systems was started in 1978 and specialized in range limiting systems for the heavy equipment industry. In 1994, Rayco Electronics acquired Wylie Systems and continues to develop cutting edge products for the crane instrumentation industry.

Rayco-Wylie offers a full range of technologically advanced Crane Indicator Systems. Their focus is to provide both wireless and hardwire based systems which can be customized based on the crane make and model. Two of the most popular cranes that use the Rayco-Wylie systems are the Shuttle Lift Carry Deck, the QMC, as well as other Boom Truck type cranes.

The two most popular systems currently offered by Rayco-Wylie are the i4500, and the i4000. The i4500 was the first of the two systems to hit the market. There are two variations of the i4500 as an RCI (for lattice boom cranes) and LMI (for telescopic boom cranes). The newest, i4000 just hit the market early this year, 2015. Both systems are CANbus based and use the same sensors.

THE i4500
The i4500 is a new generation of RCI/LMI. The color display comes in three sizes (4.3”, 7”, 10”) and can be fully customized for any crane. Using the latest CANbus technology the i4500 offers a more complete integration with the crane and the ability to monitor advanced operational parameters, such as boom sequencing, outrigger monitoring, range limiting, data logging and wind speed. The CANbus circuit makes the system less susceptible to RF interference and easier to troubleshoot. The i4500 is capable of working with multiple types of sensors to fit most any type of crane. The i4500 is used on the Grove/ Shuttlelift carry deck cranes. It works great on most any telescopic boom crane using pressure transducers.

THE i4000
The i4000 is the newest most advanced Rayco/Wylie load indicator. The i4000 uses the same CANBus circuit design as the i4500 and the sensors are fully compatible. The i4000 can be configured as a basic load indicator with the option to add angle, length, radius, windspeed and ATB. The i4000 is flexible enough to work on most any type crane and can be upgraded to the i4500 if needed in the future. The CANBus circuit allows for easy troubleshooting and less susceptibility to RF interference. It offers great value for the price and performance.
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