orlacoORLACO, a renowned Camera Manufacturing Company, was founded by the Van Beusekom family in Barneveld, The Netherlands back in 1989. It all began when they took the initiative to develop a camera that allows viewing from the rear of a truck. Two decades later, Orlaco has developed vision solutions for the most diverse of industries for an extensive range of heavy equipment with customized applications optimal for any user.

Specializing in Camera systems for the Crane Industry, the ORLACO Cameras can be used for all Crane styles and types, including Telescopic Cranes, Tower Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Hydraulic Harbor Cranes, Pile Driving type Cranes and many more. Their slogan, “Vision is our mission” indicates their dedication to every aspect of their manufacturing and developmental processes.

Currently ORLACO has offices in the US, Germany, Canada, France, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Their continued drive for excellence has produced a wide scope and range of camera systems and their uses made for specialized and custom applications. In 2014 they sold 60 Million dollars in Camera products Worldwide. Although Europe requires cranes to have cameras on them, the US will most likely follow suit in the near future due to the increased focus on safety throughout the market industry.

The Camera systems built by ORLACO go through extensive testing. Orlaco maintains stringent criteria for their products and processes, and are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949 certified. Their focus remains in high quality standards, continuous re-investment to improve processes, and continuous testing for optimal results. ORLACO’s continued goal relates to quality, costs, and best delivery of their entire product line.

The ORLACO Camera provides for greater safety and viewing for the operator and workers on the ground. These cameras provide options for the operator to view load, side, rear, winch, or any other desired locations by using the various mounts available. Testing has shown that the Cranes perform “blind” lifting operations 21% faster when using this Camera system compared to completely relying on others to communicate back and forth while moving or setting a load. This does not eliminate the need for the workers on the ground but it does improve safety, speed, and accuracy when moving a load. These Camera systems give the operator optimal viewing positions by positioning camera’s to cover any blind spots or to provide optimal viewing of the area’s that are most important to the operator. The Load View Camera Systems can significantly improve the accuracy of lifting operations allowing the Crane Operator to zoom in and zoom out while monitoring the lifting and setting down of each load as well as viewing the workers on the ground as an added safety measure. Cranes are full of awkward angles. Not only are these ORLACO Camera systems excellent for improved safety but ergonomically compliant as well.

These specialized ORLACO cameras are currently installed on new Cranes by various OEM companies throughout the US. You may discover the new crane you purchased has their Camera products on it already. Crane Warning Systems Inc. is one of only a few specially selected Direct Dealers for ORLACO Crane Camera Systems in the US, contact us for a quote customized for your needs.

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Orlaco Brochure

Orlaco Brochure