LSI-Robway – A Trimble Company is a market-leading manufacturer of wireless and cable-based Crane safety instrumentation.

LSI (Load Systems International) was founded in 1998 with the goal of revolutionizing the standard cable-based technology in the Crane and Lifting industry. For over 15 years, LSI has been on the forefront of innovation, leading the market in wireless Crane Indicator System technology. Although they have locations worldwide, their headquarters is located in Texas along with an excellent group of Customer Service and Technical staff ready to assist with any system installation or troubleshooting issues you may have. Contact Crane Warning Systems for any Crane systems or parts quotations and technical assistance.

In 2005 LSI released the GS Series radio technology featuring two-way spread-spectrum radio technology. This two-way spread-spectrum technology allows the radio signal from the transmitter to bounce off of hard surfaces until it finds the receiver providing up to 4000 feet in radio communications.

In 2012 LSI acquired the assets of Robway Crane Safety Systems to expand their product line and offer cable-based systems to the global Crane and Lifting market as well.

Then, In 2014, LSI-Robway was acquired by Trimble Navigation Limited, in order to integrate Crane safety and accuracy into construction processes. This acquisition allows LSI-Robway to leverage Trimble’s global footprint, technology depth, and market leading presence.

LSI-Robway-A Trimble Company now offers both hardwire and wireless system applications that can be load chart programmed on Cranes that may otherwise have no system replacement solutions. With their extensive Crane knowledge and background, they are able to quickly lay out the system with sensors that meet the end user’s needs. Their extensive knowledge of LSI-Robway product line and applications allows Crane Warning Systems to provide the best and most optimal system setup for the customers Crane Indicator Systems needs.

Their product line includes: Load Cells, Load Pins, Line Riding Tensiometers, LMI Systems with Pressure Transducers, Rated Capacity Indicators / Limiters, Underhook Load Cells, Load Pin Shackles, Inclinometers, Anti-Two-Block Systems, Cable Reels (Length / Angle / Radius Systems), Wind Speed Sensors and Displays, Slew Sensors, Work Area Definition Software and More.

The simple Stand Alone Windspeed and Stand Alone A2B Kits have been one of our biggest movers of the LSI-Robway product line. The other system that stands out as a big seller is their wireless Load, Angle, A2B systems that have an option to add load chart programmable software into the display. Contact Crane Warning Systems Inc., and allow us to provide you with a quotation specific to your Crane needs for this excellent hardwire or wireless product line.

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