dillon_logoFor over 70 years the Dillon Family name has been recognized as the premier source for tension and force measurement products.

The founder, W. C. Dillon (Willie), led the design and manufacturing of DILLON DYNAMOMETERS and force gauges. His example of diligence and perseverance began in the horse and buggy days and was passed down through his family today. One of the best known Dillon precision products is the Dillon Dynamometer, an instrument used to measure tension and weight.

As a young man supervising the installation of telephone lines across Cherokee country, Willie realized the need for an instrument that would indicate the amount of tension placed on the lines. This new instrument would prevent wires from being over-stressed or too loose. His response to this need led to the development of the first Traction Dynamometer in the early 1930s.

Some of the most important products in the current Dillon line are electronic load cells and readout instruments. This has been a natural off shoot of the Dillon Dynamometer, where force measuring applications call for remote indication. Some 14 different capacities are offered, plus scoreboard digital readouts, limit controls, printers, etc.

Other departments at the Dillon Company turn out a steady stream of mechanical force measuring gauges for checking tension, compression and torque, crane suspension scales for weighing heavy and bulky loads on the move, overload prevention devices for hoists and cranes, universal testing machines for pulling objects to destruction or for proof testing, etc.
Although the Dillon Dynamometer was not the first invention of Willie Dillon, it has certainly been one of the strongest and most versatile Dillon precision products on the market. Based on the standards of extreme engineering and real world punishment, Dillon products of today are known for:

  • Superior strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Accuracy
  • Consistent reliability

Today, Dan & Bill Dillon (great grandsons of W. C. Dillon) continue on the legacy of the Dillon Family product line with the same drive for providing a high standard for customer support and product perfection.

These Dynamometers are also an excellent source for an optional load reading device or to ensure your test load has an accurate weight while performing system calibrations for load accuracy. Contact CRANE WARNING SYSTEMS to see how we can provide you with the best Dynamometer solution for your customized needs.

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