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Crane Warning Systems, Inc. was inspired by Founder, Randall G. Dickinson in 1997. His desire to provide Crane Indicator Systems and Technical Services with a specialized Administrative, Sales, and Technical staff, provides excellence, reliability and knowledge in both Sales and Services. See OUR TEAM for information about all of our staff members.

We support everything we sell. This allows us to be there behind the scenes with you. To guide you with sound advice and support to get your crane up and running. If there is a crane indicator part you need to identify and locate, we are your research team. Our goal is to get the right part to your doorstep when you expect to receive it.

Crane Warning Systems offers state of the art technology along with product support to meet growing demands for efficiency, optimal effectiveness, and good old fashioned Customer Service. Our team support can provide you with the crane specific parts you are looking for.

Do you need a replacement part, are you looking for an upgrade system, or maybe a complete replacement system for your crane? Allow us to assist you with the parts you need, system upgrades, retrofit parts, system repair, as well as field service and systems installation. Learn how we can put our knowledge and state-of-the-art technology at your fingertips and avoid costly downtime. We will work with you to explain your options and find the best solution to resolve your indicator system concerns.

In todays market the emphasis is “supply and demand” yet somehow the customer service portion of doing business has been lost. We emphasize on quality, commitment, and dedication to our customers. Our customer referral base continues to grow daily. We believe by doing the right thing the word gets out and that alone is the best advertisement in what we can do for you.

We strive for a long and excellent business relationship with you and the company you work for. Contact us today, allow us to provide you with a sample quote and show you what we can do for you. Let us be your “go-to” company, we will do the leg work for you.

Our Team

randallRandall G. Dickinson, President
OFFICE:  Sales, Product Support, Customer Relations
Office:  863-619-5585
Email:  randy@cranewarning.com

Randy started his career at MD Moody back in 1981.  For several years his focus was on sales, special projects, and field technical work on LMI and two block systems.  He designed the Function Disconnect valve banks for American Cranes with air machines back in 1989.  After several more years with Moody,  he decided to take his innovative knowledge and experience and opened his own company, Crane Warning Systems Inc., in February 1997. During his entire career, his focus was on research and applications in the retrofit market, striving to find and partner with various manufacturers to locate the best built products, staying involved with the engineering changes of various indicator parts and systems working direct with the factory.

patriciaPatricia A. Finfrock, Director of Operations
OFFICE:  Operations Management, Finance, Sales, Camera Sales, Staff Management and Support.  Buyer, Establish new dealerships/product lines, Collections, Customer Service, Customer Relations & Solutions, Disputes, and Order Status.
Office:  863-619-5585
Email:  pat@cranewarning.com

Pat’s office career began 1982 working for The Department of Revenue in Montana focusing on noncompliant Individual Tax Payers as well as State Withholding Employers through research and investigation in preparing reports for the field officers.  Her specialty projects were to reorganize the Withholding Tax Bureaus records department and create a research manual providing procedures and sources in non-compliant research processes.  Pat used these framework skills to successfully restructure 4 small businesses, implementing intense investigations in determining company fall-out and strategically reformatting full operational procedures and creating a company layout to maintain the company transformations. Pat joined the Crane Warning family in 2006 and used her skillset to rebuild and perfect our company structure, push our focus on customer needs and reshape our vision of the future.

geneGene (Eugene) Carlson, Senior Service Technician
OFFICE/TECHNICAL:  Sales, Service calls, Installations,
product repair, technicial assistance, limited fabrication
Office:  863-619-5585
Email:  gene@cranewarning.com

Gene was originally hired directly by Gerald Greer with The Greer Company back in the late 1980’s as a field technician performing Greer System installations and calibration of the older LAR and LOHD systems.  After working for a family business he returned to Greer from 1996 to 2004 providing technical support, field work and installation of the Microguard 400 series systems as well as receiving factory training by Greer and Link-Belt.  Gene joined the Crane Warning family in 2004.  Since Gene’s inception with Crane Warning Systems, he has been constantly driven to learn and absorb the technical information with the retrofit product line direct with the manufacturing facilities along with hands on training and years of field service and installation of most of the Hirschmann/PAT/Kruger systems as well as Greer, Link-Belt, and Terex product line.  One of the many things that shines brightly with Gene is his ability to connect with the customer over the phone while providing technical assistance.  His ability to guide the customer with what they need and how to apply it, explaining the steps to take in a user friendly manner allows for a successful end result.  In everything Gene does, he does it thoroughly and always pays attention to detail.
*Contact Mahlon for Service/Installation Scheduling or Product Repair/Warranties*

brianBrian Corwell, Senior Sales Associate
OFFICE:  Sales, Product Applications, Product Support
Office:  863-619-5585    Direct Fax:  717-370-5561
Cell:  717-331-5141 **available for direct contact for parts/systems**
Email:  Brian.Corwell@cranewarning.com

Brian worked for Hirschmann/PAT/Kruger for over 16 years managing parts and systems sales as well as repair coordination.  He has an extensive understanding and retrofit applications knowledge of the Hirschmann/PAT/Kruger parts and systems.  Brian joined Crane Warning Systems in April 2011, he has been extremely successful with his retrofit parts knowledge.  He can help you determine the best way to fit the proper system on to your crane by adding known components to properly compliment the LMI or RCI system you need without hesitation.  If you want to upgrade or completely change out your PAT system, or maybe go from hardwire to wireless, or wireless to hardwire, contact Brian for hands on knowledge and guidance for system success.

Mahlon Veicht, Crane/Heavy Equipment Visual Applications & Administrative Service Manager
OFFICE:  Crane Camera System Sales, Sales, Order Status, Management of Product Repair and Warranty RMA’s, Customer Credit Applications processing, Inventory Management, Staff Support, Services Scheduling for Service Calls,  Installation, and Product Repair,
Office:  863-619-5585
Email:  Mahlon@cranewarning.com

Mahlon graduated in 2009 and started working with a few various chain stores until he found his niche at Crane Warning Systems.  His attention to detail has promoted his fast comprehensive knowledge of the Crane Indicator product line and applications as well as our new product line, the Orlaco Camera Systems.  Starting out as an Assistant to the Crane Warning Staff, he quickly moved up gaining various Management responsibilities as well as Indicator Systems and Camera Sales.  His customer service and support are focused and detail specific in outlining the customers needs and he brings the issues to conclusion allowing the customer with choices when possible and to bring the project to a positive conclusion.