CRANE WARNING SYSTEMS INC., is a direct Distributor/Master Dealer of Crane Indicator Systems, Crane Camera Systems, Service Parts, Replacement Systems or Upgrade Systems. Using the wide range of historical knowledge by our team and extensive data we have on file, we can determine which part you are looking for, or what system will work for your budget and your needs. We work hard to maintain excellent pricing for the product you need.

We are able to properly retrofit Parts and Systems on Cranes that had the original OEM equipment on them with either the same part that was on the crane, a similar replacement part proper for its application, or an upgraded or replacement version of the part(s) you need, if the option is available.

Although we are able to do most of our research in-house, our technical staff is ready to go to your site when needed to either evaluate the status of the existing system on your crane, determine the correct replacement parts, or to install a new part or system onto your crane. If you are interested in purchasing a crane and you would like some expert advice in regard to the indicator system that is on the crane, we can help!

NEW PRODUCT: We have recently became a direct Distributor for ORLACO Camera Systems. These camera’s can handle extreme conditions out in the field. Would you like to monitor your winch or load? Maybe you would like to monitor the side or rear of your crane, or all area’s combined. See our ORLACO page for more information.

If you need technical assistance over the phone, contact us at 863-619-5585 and we will get a technician on the phone for you.

Over the many years, our staff has built strong relationships with Manufacturers, Vendors, our current Customers as well as Referrals. Having these relationships is important for providing proper technical support for most systems used out in the field today. Whether this crane is from 1989 or 2020 we can support your crane indicator needs.